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#61 A violent whisper

Beside Blade Runner I only enjoy waking up in the middle of the night if I can hear the sound of 747. I know that I many times say that a song is beautiful and magic but this is the unbeatable masterpiece.


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#60 Fences

I think there are 5 official remixes on Phoenix – Fences and lot of inofficial. My favourite is this one made by Def Starr. The “video” sucks and so do life at the hospital.

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#59 in love with you

Things are getting better, we’ve got wifi in our room at the hospital, Barça just won El Clásico and the fever is gone. This song will go on repeat this night, wonderful & magic, that’s what it is!

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# 58 Fairlight

Sorry for the lack of post, I’m spending all my time at the hospital waiting for this nightmare to end. So please be patient, as soon as everything’s going back to normal so will the blog. I refound this amazing track earlier today on my Ipod and it has made my day.

Dear Santa, I want a Fairlight

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# 57 One hell of a party

Last night’s party at Casa Jäger was awesome and people will talk about for a long time. A huge house, no neighbours, free booze, free food, a lot of new & fun people, ping-pong, an ice sculpture, concerts, Spain’s best cassette djs, and the naked guy.

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# 56 Devils Eyes

Tonight we’re going to Casa Jäger. I think there’s no more to say more, the devil and his friends will definitely be there…

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Blue Öyster Cult’s Don’t fear the reaper has been a favorite for a long time and now it’s back in a new version. Van She have made a cover and the only version available is this radio rip. I’ve had it on mp3 for some weeks but it just came up on YouTube.  It’s really contrasting from the original but the magic is still there.

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