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I can’t explain why but I love driving in the dark with good music as my only company. Went out earlier, I had to go to the old flat to pick up some things. The streets were almost empties which doesn’t happen that often in Barcelona. Listened to a homemade best of Phoenix cd and enjoyed the moment. And then, chaos in the 6 lane roundabout at Plaza España, a large gathering of people and my streets were closed. While being happy all day for my new flat I totally forgot that tonight is the night when all children, parents and grandmas’ go out on the streets to welcome the three holy kings, which bring more gifts than Santa Claus, and grab free sweets. Fun for them but not for me. I lost my magic moment, couldn’t make my way to the flat and the way back home was just boring…


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You saved me from a rainy day
And melted all the clouds in the sky
Yes, I always wished it could be this good
So I thank you for just being so damn

Just got the keys to my new flat and  I couldn’t be happier!

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