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It seems like Soul Clap are on everybody lips these days and these Boston guys do deserve it. Their rework of Jamie Foxx’s Extravaganza is impressive, it turns a quite boring original into a smooth and funky track with a lot of feeling. It’s the  perfect one for ending up a great night in the same way that Heidi did at the Beatport party.

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#310 We can’t fly

I’m sorry for the this is a preview interruptions but it seems like this is the only way to post this amazing track (legal) now. Aeroplane is now Vito’s own project, he played alone at Sónar but the set was as good as always so no worries, Aeroplane will keep going strong for a long time.

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Yes yes yes! I just found one of the tracks that have been on my mind without name since Sónar, Prince’s Controversy.  Dubfire started his set with it at Beatport & Watergate’s secret villa party and the feeling and ambient at the venue were amazing which have turned it into one of my favorites moments from the week.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 7 Images

I love Futurecop!’s mixtapes, the guys always manage to find a perfect mix of new and old rock-hiphop-electro-nu-disco tracks and I always find new favourites, this time it’s Vanilla Ice’s Ninja Rap. Damn, I didn’t even know that they guy had more tracks than ice ice baby… I better learn that dance for the weekend as well. Don’t miss the mini interview at the end of the video,

They told me to write a naked ice, so I did. I hyped it up, put the funky beats behind it and made it ice. And they told me to keep it clean you know for the kids and everything…

Futurecop! Slumber party

(the awesome) tracklist

1. Futurecop! feat. Renegade – Afterburner
2. Overthrill – Rockson
3. Vanilla Ice – Ninja Rap (Go Ninja GO!)
4. Bestrack – Wishmaker (Worship Remix)
5. Rilo Kiley – Pictures of My Success
7. Grum – Heartbeats (Worship Remix)
8. MC Hammer – Pray
9. Cullen – Easily Impressed (Calling In Sick Remix)
10 Fear of Tigers – Sirkka
11. Pony Pony Run Run – Walking On A Line (Lifelike Extended Remix)
12. Van Halen – Dreams

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#307 my feeling for you

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I’ve discussed with the Tiger about what we should call his remix of Kylie Minogue’s new single All the lovers since it got quite boring telling him that every track and remix is a hit/temazo/amazing, but I think we never made it. Quality cheese isn’t impressive enough and strong-smelling cheese is just a bit too much. What do you think we should call it?

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These 3 days have gone so fast and Sónar is already over. The coolest party was definitely Beatport & Watergate’s Secret Villa, impressive venue, great music, specially Dubfire and Heidi, and nice people. There’s been a lot of terrific music and moments and I guess Sugarhill Gang and Dizzee Rascal were the ones I most enjoyed. Such an amazing ambient and incredible performances. The video from Sugarhill’s concert doesn’t make up for the real moment but at least it gives a notion. Two other moments to remember are the last 10 minutes of Carte Blanche set Saturday morning at 7pm. 14 hours non-stop party concluded in the duos own do! do! do! and Surkin’s white knight two, that was epic. The second one is Chemical Brothers, Hey Boy Hey Girl, needless to say more…

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Hot n fun, two words that I think describe the up coming days quite well. Sonar is just about to start and we won’t stop until Monday morning. Starsmith just made his remix of N.E.R.D’.’s new track hot n fun public and it makes me get in the mood. If you’re in town, here you got my Sonar special,

Thursday (today):

RA day pool party @ hotel Diagonal (invitation only)

Sonar by Day

Wall of Sound (night pool party) @ Oasis

Vicknoise & MouseUp summerhits + Tiga & Brodinski @ Razzmatazz


Beatport & Watergate Secret Villa Party (invitation only)

B-pitch control beach party, playa del Prat (free!)

Sonar by day

Sonar by night vs Dave Clark electric boogie set + James Holden & Juan Maclean @ razzmatazz


Factor City, Miss Kittin & friends beach party @ playa del prat (free)

sonar by day

sonar by night


m-nus beach party – playa del prat (free)

Spun out party @ Moog with Ewan Pearson and friends

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