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#352 Narcissus

A new remixed piece of art signed Alan Braxe. This could be a classic, just like Tangerine Dream Love on a real train and  The Paradise- In love with you…


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A new remix from Bxentric, this time it’s the C90SShine a light which has passes through the blessing hands of disco. I’m in love with the synth and triangle and I can’t wait to hear it at the club.

Don’t forget to check out Bxentric’s mixcloud for the latest mixtapes.

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One of my all time favorites Stevie Nick’s Edge of Seventeen has passed through the hands of  Blamma! Blamma! and then Mighty Mouse. The result is a tasty nu-disco version even though it can’t compete with the original

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#348 the time has come

Found a lost vinyl yesterday with this incredible mix of Midnight Oil’s classic

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what songs can we expect to hear tonight?

the good ones

such as?

the really good ones


Kid Cudi as Jimi  Hendrix, McLovin as the have you ever had sex with me drummer and Kanye West as Kanye West, I love it.


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#346 squeeze me tight



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