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#352 Narcissus

A new remixed piece of art signed Alan Braxe. This could be a classic, just like Tangerine Dream Love on a real train and  The Paradise- In love with you…


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Some things are worth waiting for. There’s been a lot of buzz Alan Braxe‘s remix of Visitor’s track los feeling since a short snipped got published about a month ago and now the full length’s out. The result is an epic summer hit that I want to hear at every party this summer.

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I had the chance to hang out with Alan Braxe last night, he’s a really nice and pleasant guy. Talking about music he said that his next project is gonna be with Dj Falcon and I’m already looking forward to hear it. Dj Falcon & Thomas Bangalters so much love to give is one of those track that never loses it magic, it’s one all time favourite.

There was almost too much good music at Razzmatazz last night, Alan Braxe and the Valerie party with Mintel Rose, College and Russ Chimes at the same time, it got kind of hard trying to be everywhere at once but I know that I shouldn’t complain… 😉

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#59 in love with you

Things are getting better, we’ve got wifi in our room at the hospital, Barça just won El Clásico and the fever is gone. This song will go on repeat this night, wonderful & magic, that’s what it is!

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