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TTA make it better:


Many Men


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Blue Öyster Cult’s Don’t fear the reaper has been a favorite for a long time and now it’s back in a new version. Van She have made a cover and the only version available is this radio rip. I’ve had it on mp3 for some weeks but it just came up on YouTube.  It’s really contrasting from the original but the magic is still there.

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another night + more Erlend Øye + another cover = i’m more motivated to dance than sleep


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#6 another genius

I was looking for another video but ended up with this one. Erlend Øye must be some kind of genius. Morgan Geist, The Whitest Boy Alive & Kings of Convenience. Needless to say more.

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Hoping for the best but expecting the worst
Are you going to drop the bomb or not?

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