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The guys from Delorean have turned the XX’s (already nice) Island into a beautiful pice of art. The change of guitars to a smooth organ makes the lyrics come to its right and I love the feeling that the track transmits.


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It sounds like Fear of Tigers and Delorean have sampled the same track…

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Until today while reading this post at Too Much Happiness I had no idea that there are two bands named Delorean, I only knew the spanish one. Before reading I listened to Look Alice which is kind of different from the regular spanish Delorean sound but on the other hand, since I’m a fan of their blog Desparrame, it still had some sense even though it was strange (you better check out the blog otherwise you won’t understand…).  Then I started to read and things got clear, there’s two groups with the same name, the other one is the Sacramento hip-hop group who’s responsible for Look Alice… However, it’s a nice track with a cool video and I’ve found a new group to follow. On the other hand, spanish Delorean is about to release their new album Subiza. The first single Stay Close remember me of the Tough Alliance, electropop full of  piano details, chorus and summer vibes.

Later while searching for their MySpace I found a third group, even though they change the name a little (and the music a lot), The DeLoreans…  Confusion, I love you.

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