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#248 dancehall queen

I didn’t know what to expect before listening to this collaboration between Robyn and Diplo named Dancehall Queen. I’m not a big fan of dancehall, about Diplo I normally like 1 of 10 tracks so I put my hope to Robyn, who is one of my favourite artists. The result did surprise me, it’s a smooth and relaxed track, Robyn’s voice well combined with dancehall and Diplo details but without getting too much. And it makes me think about chilling, BBQ and beer…

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After been listening to Diplo’s remix of Keep it goin’ louder some times, V suddenly said the well-known words, this sounds familiar, wait, wait, this is, this is, it might be a sample from… Olive- you’re not alone. And yes, I think it is but it’s not as clear as with Pineapples vs Neon Indian. What do you think?

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#122 Do you wanna start?

I thought that I never would post something from Major Lazer since I normally can’t stand his music and I leave the club if I hear two tracks from him…  Therefore I got more than surprised when I found myself dancing around at home today at lunchtime with Keep it goin’ louder coming out from the speakers. Also Diplo has surprised me today with his remix on the same track that makes me dance even more. And the video, it’s tacky but fascinating at the same time.

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