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While trying to finish my last essay (at least for some months…) and realizing that I probably won’t make it to Primavera Sound  I try to keep my mood up by thinking that’s only 9 days left until Edwin Van Cleef’s coming back to Barcelona and Razzmatazz and that there’s only 22 to Sónar (I’ll do a post later on with the events that you shouldn’t miss). I’m not sure if it works or not, but good music is definitely a helping hand for late nights and early mornings with boring books and excel’s…

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Having Edwin Van Cleef as friend on Facebook & Twitter means that you never get bored. This morning I saw his post about ChicagoStay the night and the video is brilliant. Btw, Mr Van Cleef is coming back to Barcelona & Razzmatazz on the 4th on June so save the date!

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Vicknoise is back with his most eclectic work, Get Away E.P. on which Detroit techno, freestyle electro and neo disco become one. To complete the E.P. Vicknoise has counted with remixes from Edwin Van Cleef along with Shelby Grey, an upcoming producer from Barcelona.

The title track Get Away combines disco from the 80ths and Vicknoise stylemark, melodic electro- techno, which bring them both to a new level. The remix by Van Cleef has his characteristic seal of neo-disco full of energic synths and echoes. I’ve already danced my feet of to it and I’m sure you also will!

Muscle Car begins with a sequence and a vibrant base which gradually rise the pressure until it explodes into a festival of synths and dislocated arpeggios. With his remix, Shelby Grey converts Muscle Car into a real melodic disco house beauty.

Listen to the tracks below or download the free sampler!

Get Away E.P. will be on sale on the 20th of January at Beatport.

Get Away

Get Away- Edwin Van Cleef remix

Muscle Car

Muscle Car – Shelby Grey remix

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Yesterday I listened a lot to Shannon, I love the sound and especially the synthesizer. I hope and think the tendency from 2009 will continue and stay strong this year and that makes me happy, few things make me wanna dance so much as a good synth. Think about it, for example, who can stand still while listening to Depeche Mode’ just can’t get enough or OMD‘s Enola Gay?  Or some of my favourites from last year, Tesla Boy, Russ Chimes and Edwin Van Cleef, here with Mille‘s brilliant remix of  Overtaken.

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