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#138 Jollymusic

I’ve listened a lot to Jollymusic’s LP Jollybar this days.  The album is freaky but magnificent at the same time and Talco Uno is one of my favourite tracks ever. Actually I hadn’t heard this version with Erlend Øye before, it’s nice but I like the original without the vocal more. On the artwork there’s a text about Jollymusic’s vision and how the record was made and I like it;

Vinyl is an expressive medium. You can reconstruct years and years of musical expressions in buying it in second-hand for a very reasonable price, thus reconstructing years of musical expression typical of the place where you live. Vinyl is expressive because it’s more physical than CD’s, and if you have a nice turntable you can use old records as instruments to express your feeling. The music in this record is created thru old vinyls, turntable, compact cassettes, digital and analog technology and some other instruments as well, each of them has its own sound and expressive power.

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another night + more Erlend Øye + another cover = i’m more motivated to dance than sleep


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#6 another genius

I was looking for another video but ended up with this one. Erlend Øye must be some kind of genius. Morgan Geist, The Whitest Boy Alive & Kings of Convenience. Needless to say more.

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