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Paul Kalkbrenner did an amazing live last night and I was almost euphoric until a moron decided to destroy it all by throwing a drink at the stage that hit one of the security guys bad in his face. What the fuck was this person thinking off? Mr Kalkbrenner went strictly off the stage (the only right thing to do) and I went home, and one incredible night got an abrupt and sad ending.

I think I’m still upset but after listening to Robyn’s new single Dancing on my own at least I feel a bit better, a good electropop track knows how to cure (almost) everything.


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God knows I’ve been looking forward  for tonight and Paul Kalkbrenner Live @ Nitsa. I’ve seen him a few times and it’s always a one hell of a party. Beside, Paul is one of my favourite techno producers and I love his melodic sound. The movie Berlin Calling where he does the main character Dj Ikarus might not be the best one even tought it’s quite funny (and even more if you’ve met him in person and seen that he uses the same dance moves) but the soundtrack is impressive. I don’t know how many times I’ve listened to Sky and Sand, for me it’s one of those track that never tires me and I think it always will be on the soundtrack of my life. Other favourites are Aaron, Square 1, Revolte and Gebrünn Gebrünn.

So no heels tonight because I’ll be dancing until my feet bleed.

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