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Gracias a todos que vinisteis anoche a Fear of Tigers!

proxima cita será dentro de 2 semanas, el 4 de junio viene Edwin Van Cleef a Rex!

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We started the new year with an oldie, Patrick Cowley’s amazing thank god for music, continued  to the club and a brilliant live from the Requesters and I culminated the night by dancing like a mad to Dusty Kid’s remix of Robyn‘s Be mine. To summarize; a terrific night!

Today I’m feeling great, no hangover, just in a happy mode, listening to 80s and watching movies.

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After last night there’s no doubt left, Tesla Boy is the best new group 2009. As you can see below, the concert was great. I also got the chance to sit down and have a chat with them afterwards about Russia, fans, the upcoming album and listening to an amazing imitation of Morrissey. All the best to you guys and I hope you’ll come back soon!

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#76 last night

A lot of people with nice attitudes, Vicknoise playing the music that I love and an explosive concert with Crystal Fighters, last night was great.

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