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A lost love, Den Harrow’s Future Brain from 1985 vs Shelby Grey’s vocal edit for 2011.


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I’ve been waiting for this! Shelby Grey’s first E.P. Stateless will be released on Monday, the 19 of July.  On Stateless, Shelby Grey has let his imagination run free, letting his musical inspirations from house, acid, IDM get together with his passion for old disco. The result is a dark disco track with a melancholic, but at the same time beautiful, atmosphere based on a rhythm made up by elements from the past, present and the future. It’s an E.P. with a great variety with its remixes from Kenton slash Demon, Dance Disorder, Undo and Lontano and for once, I can’t choose a favorite, the 5 versions are all unique.

Grab your copy!

Bonus: Shelby Grey – Dance you ass of dj mix

1.Nightwaves_Sweet Carrie (Walter Sobcek remix)
2.Fear of Tigers_Friday night @ Geek Club (Shleby Grey remix)
3.Pony Pony Run Run_Walking on the line (Lifelike remix)
4.Nuvo Rich_Krystal
5.Penguin Prison_The worse it gets (Starsmith remix)
6.Koobra _It’s you
7.Azari & III_Reckles for your love
8.Gaucho_Dance Forever
9.Schmutz_Love Games dub mix
10. Edwin Van Cleef_Overtaken (Mille remix)
10:Paul_Take me to the limit
12.Ron Hardy_Sensation
13.Passion Pit_Sleepy Head (Cassette Kids remix)
14.Stephen Falken_Cruising

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Great news folks!

Two of my favourite producers, Fear of Tigers and Shelby Grey have joined forces. The result is, Friday night at Geek Club – Shelby Grey Re-treatment mix, a darker version with more congas and a touch of house. It’s time to dance!

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One of my favourite labels, Factor City, released their 29th reference yesterday. Te guardo una tarde de sol from Holger Zilske, Dave DK and El Txef A with remixes from Metope, Undo and Shelby Grey. I like the unexpected collaboration from the germans with the young spanish Txef, they were supposed to do a remix but ended up with a new track. The remix from Shelby Grey is my favourite, after listening to his promos I find him one of the most interesting producers in Spain with his special sound. His first E.P will be released at the end of the summer, also that one on Factor City so stay tuned.

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#140 back to Bollebygd

I’ve been away for some days, went to see my grandparents. I hadn’t seen them for a long time and since it was my grandmas’ birthday I felt that I should go. The place is magic, the house is in the middle of nowhere surrounded by forest, fields, pure air, silence and now also, as you can see, a lot of snow… Last time I went, Shelby Grey came with me and he got so inspired so he ended up making a tribute, a beautiful track for a beautiful place.

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Vicknoise is back with his most eclectic work, Get Away E.P. on which Detroit techno, freestyle electro and neo disco become one. To complete the E.P. Vicknoise has counted with remixes from Edwin Van Cleef along with Shelby Grey, an upcoming producer from Barcelona.

The title track Get Away combines disco from the 80ths and Vicknoise stylemark, melodic electro- techno, which bring them both to a new level. The remix by Van Cleef has his characteristic seal of neo-disco full of energic synths and echoes. I’ve already danced my feet of to it and I’m sure you also will!

Muscle Car begins with a sequence and a vibrant base which gradually rise the pressure until it explodes into a festival of synths and dislocated arpeggios. With his remix, Shelby Grey converts Muscle Car into a real melodic disco house beauty.

Listen to the tracks below or download the free sampler!

Get Away E.P. will be on sale on the 20th of January at Beatport.

Get Away

Get Away- Edwin Van Cleef remix

Muscle Car

Muscle Car – Shelby Grey remix

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