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TTA make it better:


Many Men

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Ok, it’s time to admit, I’m a nerd. When I find a new group that I like or remember old ones I won’t be satisfied by hearing only one song. I want and need them all. Then one leads to another as you’ve probably already noticed… And then add all the memories that come with an old artist or song , places, people, party, friends and then again, music. The music that you listened to with these people or danced to at those places. It’s a never-ending circle and I’m in the middle of it.

So thanks The Tough Alliance for remembering me of that summer, those nights, baseball bats and that mean attitud(and screwing up my day because I had other things to do…).

“det är så töntigt med rock, det behöver vi inte ens gå in på, livespelningar, usch, så patetiskt, nej vi vill revolutionera hela liveupplevelsen, det är därför vi kör playback och hoppar runt lite till bilder av tennis.”

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why haven’t this happened before?

The Tough Alliance + The Juan Maclean = brilliant!

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